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We would like to welcome everybody to Circles‘ assembly for economic democracy in Berlin, hosted by the Cafe Grundeinkommen.

Circles is a community currency which aims at creating an unconditional basic income from the bottom-up, allowing people, cooperatives, businesses and communities to exchange with each other the things that they need for the resources available in the region. You can read more here and here .

Circles will be facilitating assemblies for people and groups to come together and democratically organise the economy around Berlin, Brandenburg and beyond. Circles is only one side of the coin, the aim is to create the social organisation which supports the local economy with the principles of decentralization, localism, sustainability and democratic confederation, in order to bring about real-viable economic and political alternatives to our current problems.



1. Welcome!
2. Round of Check-ins: name, interests and do you need trust? (please put your username in the chat if you haven’t entered the circles system, so others can know you and trust you).

3. Updates on the Circles Loops:
-Cooperative Infrastructure Building.
-Accepting Circles in your business and euro paybacks.

4. Open topics from the community.
5. Group discussion and Questions.